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Customer Testimonials

LifeBeam: Omri Yoffe CEO and Co-Founder



“Alphalogic has been very valuable in helping us to create top-notch products.  They handle all of the manufacturing aspects of the process flawlessly.  We can come to them with an idea and they then work alongside us to transform our ideas into marketable products.”


“With Alphalogic, simply put, it feels like working as part of a team.  They are always available to us and are happy to answer any and all questions that we have.  Also, it is a huge benefit that we are able to bounce ideas off of Alphalogic’s engineers and that they provide us with honest feedback.”


“Ultimately, we want to build products that help people to improve their physical performance and live healthier lives.  Alphalogic is essential in helping us to achieve this goal.”


Logipen: Michael J. Rubenstein CEO



“Alphalogic helped us to take Logipen to the next level. They shared our enthusiasm for our product and they took the time to really understand our vision. We were able to get an abundance of expert advice from Alphalogic during each step of the process. They assembled the product according to our requests and budget. 

Alphalogic, proved to be a very trustworthy and dependable business partner – they stay true to their word, maintain deadlines, and keep their promises.”


WeFind: Ofer Klein CEO



“At WeFind, our product is our passion. Our wristband uses a unique solution and WiFi connection in order to help monitor children’s whereabouts.

Our products are worn by children, thus it was very important to us to find an exceptional manufacturing company that develops high quality and reliable products. Alphalogic came highly recommended to us and we quickly discovered that we couldn’t have chosen a better manufacturer and production site to help us to actualize our passion.

We challenged Alphalogic with a unique IoT device that incorporates low power WiFi and they were able to find an effective solution quickly. I was amazed that the solution that they developed worked from the first prototype onward and that it could be implemented into mass production immediately. By combining their skills, understanding of manufacturing, abundance of knowledge and experience, they have helped us to create a remarkable product. We saw firsthand what a difference it makes to work with such a great and reliable company who really know what they are doing.”

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