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AlphaLogic’s manufacturing facility was established in Yue Yuen Industrial Estate, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China. It is responsible for SMT assembly, tooling, plastic and systems assembly.  These services offer customers high-quality, cost-effective, and a total solution for electronics products. The facility is equipped with the following:


  • SMT lines: 117
  • Hand-insertion testing lines: 35
  • Packaging lines: 18
  • Tooling capacity 30 sets per month
  • Injection machines: 37
  • Painting lines: 2
  • Printing lines: 4




Our manufacturing facility is committed to continuously pursuing the best quality and is constantly improving the work environment so that it is safe, hygienic, and conforms to environmental requirements.  Moreover, the facility has received various certificates in related fields and works to continually strengthen operating performances to raise customer satisfaction.

The success of our facility can be attributed to the following:


A vertically-integrated supply-chain service:

A completely integrated supply-chain service which includes PCB, plastic-mold tooling, injection, painting, PCBA, and system assembly.

Services for NPI:

During the NPI (new product introduction) stage, our facility offers complete and fast product verification analysis and advises on how to improve the manufacturing of a product.

Advanced Chemical Examination Capabilities:

In 2005, we introduced a chemical laboratory, certified by CNAS, and the same level as ISO17025. This laboratory includes ICP-OES, GC/MS, UV/VIS and microwave digest machines. These machines can be used to break down organic compounds, inorganic compounds and UV spectral testing.

Precise process capabilities:

Its multi-layer, advanced assembly technology can produce minute product parts like 0204, which conforms to the mainstream market trend for ultra-compact devices.  In addition, it has a lead-free process for a high yield rate in mass production.


Our manufacturing facility integrates all functions of SMT, injection, and system assembly to allows for improved customer service and a multi-dimensional production center.


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