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Supply Chain Management

We have a large project management team with many years of experience in working with large-scale projects. Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager who will see the project through to completion.


Involved in every discussion and decision, they ensure an open line of communication between our customers and the design, engineering and delivery team.

**Our Project management  team has experience in managing projects at all scales, bringing together a wide scope of professional expertise and will be your POC all the way though actual implementation**

Business Meeting
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Financial Report


Supply chain management is about creating a predictable process for product delivery and closely controlling that process.


At AlphaLogic we work closely with our supply chain partners to guarantee efficient product delivery.  We have excellent relationships with reliable and dependable suppliers which allows us to provide customers with timely delivery.  In addition, we utilize a highly integrated logistical process and system to ensure the management of components cost and product delivery.


Having a dedicated project manager, and one point of contact with the business, means that you can be sure of an open and honest line of communication. You can rely on the up-to-date progress of your specific project.


Our project managers have a very clear remit: to deliver every solution on time, to budget and to the client’s exact specifications. We use a range of project management tools to ensure that every element of the process is documented and monitored and regular reports are fed through to the customer and the management team.

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