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Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Alphalogic supplies products to major domestic and foreign companies.  we provide products to industries such as information technology, communication, automobile, and consumer electronics.


At AlphaLogic, we provide a wide range of manufacturing services according to the customer’s needs. By utilizing our manufacturing site  located in the Dongguan , China , we are able to take products from limited production runs to virtually unlimited production.



Our project managers have a very clear remit: to deliver every solution on time, to budget and to the client’s exact specifications. We use a range of project management tools to ensure that every element of the process is documented and monitored and regular reports are fed through to the customer and the management team.


Production line setup is the process of assembly optimization; it focuses on production throughput and product quality improvement.


At AlphaLogic, we understand that the key to excellent production is to have a well-run and optimized assembly line.  Therefore, we work vigorously to identify, breakdown, and improve potential flaws (such as assembly bottlenecks) in the assembly line.  This allows for better assembly costs and thus, better unit costs.


Product Quality is a crucial element in the manufacturing process. In order to ensure that the product meets the client’s specifications, a quality assurance system is essential.

Quality assurance plays a role in all aspects of the manufacturing process from the incoming inspection all the way to the delivery.

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